nmkforum2007: plenty of people blogging it

There are plenty of other people live blogging today’s NMK Forum so I’m going to hold back a bit for a while.

Graham had a greasy breakfast on his way here.

Jemima Kiss on Organ Grinder: “New Media Knowledge always puts on a good show, so I have great expectations of today’s forum on social media. First off, NMK wins big points for its twist on the LSO venue: we’re all sat at round tables with a programme guide that resembles the order of service at a family wedding. Maybe we’ll even get some Dad dancing later if we’re lucky.”

Shiny Media’s Tech Digest is constantly updating. Sadly, I’ve quickly spotted a few mistakes there too, like this misquote of the Guardian’s Kevin Anderson, who actually reckons Jemima (above) is the type of journalist-blogger that news and media organisations should be getting to blog for them: “1109 – Someone in the audience from the Guardian claims that we need to stop focussing on making big names blog, such as Jemima Kiss, at the Guardian, and that instead we should choose bloggers more carefully – choose journalists that actually suit the work, and want to engage with the readers. Media needs to get over it’s obsession with getting their big star attractions online, and keep them where they’re best.”

Kevin’s also here. He’s a lot more enthusiastic than I am about Mahalo’s crowd powered search.

Jem Stone, who was on the first panel of the day, has posted his notes as has Nico McDonald.

I think I’ll do some video later…