slides of jyri engestrom’s presentation @ nmkforum

Jyri Engestrom’s thoughtful presentation at the NMK Forum in London two days ago was, for me at least, the most insightful presentation of the day.

Luckily, I’d recently heard Lee Bryant mention Jyri and, as Lee usually gives a good turn himself, figured that Engestrom’s presentation was worth swivelling my mac around and switching on the isight camera. I’m glad I did.

Now several people have drawn my attention to Jyri’s slides which he has made available on slideshare:

I was so impressed with Jyri’s presentation that I can’t help but try his service, Jaiku, that appears to have bits and pieces of the functionality found in plazes, dopplr and twitter. Expect one of my usual reviews of Jaiku once I’ve had the chance to bed in a bit with it.

(By the way, I’ve added the tag “academic studies” to this post because Jyri’s social science background ensures that there is plenty of theory to grasp hold of in the presentation. I can’t believe he started with an apology for that!)

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