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By on Jun 29, 2007 in BBC, blogging, blogging techniques, online community, social software | 4 comments

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  my friendwheel 
  Originally uploaded by robinhamman

I’ve just discovered Friend Wheel, a new Facebook application that allows you to visualise your social network. Often times tools like this are just a bit of fun – last year I had a go at using a similar tool to visualise the technorati top 5 to see if we could learn anything about what makes them successful from the structure of links, once visible (I couldn’t see anything).

Friendwheel, on the other hand, surprised me by spitting out a pretty picture showing all the connections between people in my social network. What’s interesting is how various groups of my facebook friends appear as clusters on the visualisation so, in my case, you can see clusters of BBC World Service people, Journalism Bloggers, people with an interest  in "Social Media and Civic Society", etc.

I’ve posted my friendwheel with extensive notes on flickr…

[update: I should also point out Martin Stabe’s interesting use of a network visualiser to see the connections between UK journo bloggers (including myself).]