links for 2007-07-30

NowPublic nixes takeover bids, lands $10m+ in financing NowPublic, which has an existing content-sharing arrangement with Associated Press, also announced that it is expanding that relationship. (tags: associatedpress nowpublic citizenjournalism citizensnappers usergeneratedcontent funding) Press Gazette – Guardian investigators share BAE… Continue Reading

links for 2007-07-24

New frontiers in journalism An article I missed about Ben Hammersley’s “whole web as your canvas” Turkey election project for BBC News (tags: benhammersley Journalism transparency web2.0 bbcnews bbc journalisttraining bloggingtechniques)

links for 2007-07-23

BBC NEWS | England | London | Police begin Southall vote probe Police inquiry kicked off by a comment on a Daily Telegraph blog post (Spotted by Aaron) (tags: dailytelegraph newspaperwebsites newspaperblogs politics law onlinecommunitymanagement onlinediscussion)