alan johnston is released

The BBC’s Alan Johnston, who was taken hostage on his way home from work in Gaza, has been released after 114 days in captivity. Upon his release he thanked his supporters and described his experience by saying:

"It was like being buried alive really, removed from the world and occasionally terrifying…"

I first heard of Alan’s release on my way into work this morning when I read a Tweet on Twitter from Richard
, the BBC’s Director of Global News:

"When the phone rings at 2
in the morning its not usually good news. Last night was a great
exception…Welcome back Alan…"

According to a post on the BBC News Editors blog by Jon Williams, World News Editor, writes that Alan was able to draw great strength from the knowledge that so many people out there were concerned for his safety and supporting efforts for his release.

Many bloggers
showed their support for Alan, and helped raise awareness of his
plight, by displaying a button bearing Alan’s name and image on their
blog or profile page. Congratulations to everyone who took this small step, or did other things, to help bring about Alan’s release this morning.



  1. Good news from Gaza

    Alan Johnston has been released. What a relief! BBC News coverage here, and thanks to Jem Stone for the news via Twitter. Amazing to hear his interview on Today (listen again here), so articulate after such a terrible experience. edit

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