manchester bloggers meet-up

I’m at the Pavilion, the meeting place for the Manchester International Festival, outside Manchester Central, the building formerly known as the G-Mex.  If you are (or were) there, tag your photos with bbcmanchesterblog so we can find them. It’s a blog! Not a log! has some good shots of the night up already.

We’ve also been inviting bloggers in attendance to produce their own videos and upload them to a specially set up channel on – the player is embedded below.


  1. Well throughly enjoyed myself this evening, nice to meet a few other bloggers of Manchester and learnt a few new things about blogging, now don’t you lot be getting to drunk . . we’ve all got work in the morning remember

  2. Thanks for putting together this little event for us. Was really good fun and massively informative to meet so many Manchester bloggers.
    Here’s to the next one!

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