useful video tutorial on social bookmarking with

I’ve long enjoyed reading the CommonCraft blog, an excellent source of information aimed primarily at online community builders. Their recent focus has been a series of short videos that explain potentially complex and confusing web tools into plain English.

The most recent of these is on the topic of social bookmarking with I often give presentations to BBC programme makers and production teams where I try to get them to look beyond the geeky interface of so that they can see how enormously useful social bookmarking can be, particularly for groups working together on a topic or several related topics. Lee manages to achieve this in a short video:

The previous three CommonCraft videos are similarly useful, especially for those of us who spend much of our lives trying to spread the word about and explain social media tools such as RSS, wikis and social networking to non-experts.

(Check out the links from the original social bookmarking post to dot.sub, where the film has been subtitled into Korean and, in future, can be subtitled into other languages by viewers. Cool idea.)


  1. And I’ve used their vids on ‘the other side’. At least the RSS one – I figured it explained far faster and far clearer than I could myself.

  2. For those who don’t know who Graham is referring to, the other side are the commercial BBC people who live across the road from us public service BBC people. ;-)
    I’ve used the RSS one myself too. Good stuff Lee!

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