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TechPresident: Innovation Rewarded with $10,000 prize, a data-rich, nonpartisan group blog that covers real-time, online activity of the 2008 presidential candidates – and chronicles online content from voters who will elect them, is this year’s $10,000 Grand Prize winner in the Knight- (tags: politics politicalblogging aggregation uspolitics) Center for Citizen Media: Blog » Nokia E90’s Enormous Potential It’s almost precisely what the Apple iPhone is not: a device designed with serious work in mind, where the keypad(s) are the data-entry systems and where multimedia creation carries a higher value than playback. (tags: nokia mobile journalisttraining DanGillmor) Channel 4: It’s arrogant to expect everyone to come to our website to consume news, it’s very late 1990s dotcom strategising’ “Part of our objective is to extend our reach, and what’s the best way to do that? Allowing people to embed our video on their websites.” (tags: channel4 video mainstreammedia youtube...

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Newsnight, Government and Audience Clarify and Debate it Online Newsnight items have been provoking debate on the website for years, but what I hadn’t seen before was so many key participants in a story – government, pressure group, programme makers and the audience – engage in a spontaneous post-programme analysis on (tags: bbc Journalism newsnight bbcblogs bbcnews) A History of the Social Web – Trebor Scholz ‘journalisms’ – DRAFT of How the Social Web Came To Be. By Trebor Scholz (tags: history socialnetworking web2.0 Journalism socialmedia academicresearch) Press Gazette – British Library to put all 19th century newspapers online The British Library is putting the finishing touches to a website that will give journalists and academics access to two million pages from 43 newspapers from the 19th century. (tags: britishlibrary academicresearch newspapers journalism research) Steve Hermann explains how BBC News is Getting Information from Burma Journalists have to learn where else online to look for new information as it surfaces, as well as what to make of it and how to use it. (tags: burma journalisttraining bbcnews bbcblogs...

ipod touch arrives in london

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ipod touch Originally uploaded by robinhamman I popped into the Apple Store on Regent Street this morning to see the newly arrived iPod touch. I wasn’t the only one – every iPod touch in the store was in use, with numerous people circling the table hoping to get their hands on one next. Having played with an iPhone when in Chicago last month, I knew what to expect from the interface and still found myself wowed by the intuitive navigation but what I didn’t realise until I got my hands on the new touch was exactly how slim it is – probably about the same thickness as the stack of business cards you’d get at a one day conference. I don’t normally post about how fantastic a gadget is, but the iPod touch really is one of the most beautifully designed, even elegant, pieces of technology I’ve seen yet. I very much want one of these (and my birthday is tomorrow if anyone with deep pockets is...

manchester blog stories & manchester blog awards

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Manchester Blog Stories is a project where readers can help determine the twists of plot in a work of blog based fiction or, as they explain: "a fictional blog you can help to shape, set in real time Manchester. Each week readers can vote on future plot direction, choosing between three possible developments in the story’s next chapter. The final instalment will be performed live at the Manchester Blog Awards on Wednesday 10th October." The project is part of the Manchester Literature Festival, which takes place from the 4th to the 14th of October, and is written by author Elizabeth Baines and produced by one of our favourite Manchester bloggers, Kate Feld (Manchizzle). Speaking of Manchizzle… she’s recently posted the shortlist for this year’s Manchester Blog Awards which take place on the 10th of October.  Some are familiar names from last year’s awards but many are new. I had a great time at last year’s awards –  meeting bloggers, talking blogs over a few pints and doing some interviews for 5 Live’s Pods and Blogs – and am in no doubt that this year’s event will be even better. But, sadly, I can’t attend this year because I’ll be on a business trip to a Networked Journalism event in New York but BBC Manchester’s Richard Fair is one of the judges and lots of people have already confirmed their attendance via the Facebook event page. Do try to make it if you can – it should be a lot of fun and is a great opportunity to meet some fellow...

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Twitter is a story-teller’s dream | Mike Butcher – mbites (tags: twitter storytelling microblogging mikebutcher)