ipod touch arrives in london

ipod touch
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I popped into the Apple Store on Regent Street this morning to see the newly arrived iPod touch. I wasn’t the only one – every iPod touch in the store was in use, with numerous people circling the table hoping to get their hands on one next. Having played with an iPhone when in Chicago last month, I knew what to expect from the interface and still found myself wowed by the intuitive navigation but what I didn’t realise until I got my hands on the new touch was exactly how slim it is – probably about the same thickness as the stack of business cards you’d get at a one day conference.

I don’t normally post about how fantastic a gadget is, but the iPod touch really is one of the most beautifully designed, even elegant, pieces of technology I’ve seen yet.

I very much want one of these (and my birthday is tomorrow if anyone with deep pockets is listening)…

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