my interview on blogtalk radio

BtrbetalogoAt last week’s Networked Journalism Summit in New York I was interviewed by Alan Levy and John C. Havens for blog talk radio.

I spoke about my role at the BBC, where I spend a lot of my time speaking to different people about blogging and social media, as well as some general thoughts about how mainstream media organisations can engage in this space.

About twelve minutes in I also describe the work we’ve been doing with bloggers in Manchester, a project that’s about engaging honestly and linking alot. (I’m hoping we’ll figure out a way to put more time into this particular project in the future as, currently, it’s not resourced as well as we’d like.)

We also spoke about the value of setting your content free, of linking and using blogs to make corporate decision making more transparent.

I’m hoping to update this post with the mp3 file but for now you’ll have to follow this link to the audio (20:38).

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  1. Hi Robin
    Thanks for the link to this interesting interview.
    Some time ago, web guru and usability expert (and my namesake) Jakob
    Nielsen wrote a controversial column about the impact of blogs
    I would be interested to know how you feel about blogging as a medium
    compared to other media forms (online or conventional), and if you have
    any thoughts on Jakob Nielsen’s dismissal of blogs as worthwhile.

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