behind the scenes of the bbc blogs network

This week I’ve written a two part series of posts about the first 18 months of the BBC Blogs Network
. The first, on Monday, gave a brief history
and provided some insight into the technical issues we’ve had to wrestle with. Yesterday’s post looked at the editorial challenges ranging from a plethora of requests for new blogs, senior staff who think they’re a waste of time, and difficulties fully engaging in the two-way nature of the process.

If implemented correctly, and nurtured by those with an "inner blogger", the BBC’s blogs should:

  • Allow us to join in conversations about the topics we cover and programmes we make
  • Bring some of the BBC’s best and most widely recognised talent closer to their audiences
  • Make
    it easier for journalists and programme makers to gain exposure to and
    learn from the knowledge and experiences of our audiences
  • Make
    our editorial decisions and policies, as well as our production values
    and techniques, more transparent and those who make them more

You’ll find a full discussion of our successes, and some failures, on the BBC Internet Blog…

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