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For bloggers, on-line ads beckon – “It’s no longer unusual for blogs with just a couple thousand daily readers to earn nearly as many dollars a month. Helping fill the pockets of such bloggers are programs like Google’s AdSense…” (tags: advertising bloggingtechniques bloggingfordollars blogs googleadsense cnn) Press Gazette – Hachette launches social bookmarking tool for Sugar Hachette Filipacchi has launched a new social networking and social bookmarking website for its teen title Sugar, and plans to introduce widgets to integrate the site with Bebo and MySpace. (tags: bebo myspace socialnetworking socialbookmarking...

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Facebook reveals the BBC as a liberal hotbed | the Daily Mail (Oct. 2007) “Research by the conservativehome. com website showed that 1,340 staff put themselves in the “liberal” or “very liberal” category, compared with just 120 who were “conservative” or “very conservative”. Some 340 regard themselves as “moderate”.” (tags: dailymail bbc transparency)

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fabric of folly: RescueTime (or how I really spend my time online) “Billed as a time management tool, my hunch is that it’s more likely to be installed by stats junkies than those genuinely seeking to increase their PC-based productivity…” (tags: privacy web2.0)

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Canadian Activists Use Facebook to Crowdsource Against Law “Canadians from coast to coast shared information, posed questions, posted their letters to politicians, and started a national conversation on copyright law in Canada…” (tags: socialnetworking facebook canada law bbcnews) BBC NEWS: Should you get paid to Facebook? “In what could be the first example of social networking meeting e-commerce, Yuwie’s founder Korry Rogers says he will give members more than half of the site’s advertising revenue – just for logging on and inviting their friends.” (tags: advertising socialnetworking web2.0 facebook bbcnews...

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Britain’s Top Blogging Cities and Towns (from the Guardian) Lists Britain’s top cities and towns for local blogs, includes an interview with me about the BBC Manchester Blog. (tags: manchester bbc bbcblogs local bloggingtechniques blogging guardian) Inside some of Channel 4’s new media projects: Jemima talks with Adam Gee “The show will take the best content from the web and use it in the programme each week with relevant cross promotion, and the original plan had been to repeat a scene each week where the judges look at the work and characters on the website.” (tags: channel4 guardian flickr mashup usergeneratedcontent offshoring) Throw another blog on the fire… | Greenslade | Guardian Unlimited “But blogging has been one of the most stimulating experiences of my journalistic career, which stretches back almost 44 years” [Also quotes his traffic and other stats] (tags: statistics bloggingtechniques journalisttraining...