redesign reinforces broadcaster’s enthusiasm for blogs

  new bbc homepage blogs widget 
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The new homepage for, currently in public beta testing, includes a user configurable widget for the BBC’s blogs.

The widget like feature allows users to select which blogs they’d like to keep listed on their personal BBC homepage. The widget then pulls in the titles of recent posts and quotes from them.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the new homepage redesign is that blogs have been included at all. The blogs widget is one of just eight to appear within the default page view. The others include News, Sport, Weather, Television, Radio as well as CBeebies and CBBC for children.

The fact that blogs have been included in the mix is a clear demonstration of the BBC’s continued support and enthusiasm for programme related and accountability blogs.

[I recently posted on the BBC Internet Blog about the History and Technical Challenges of the BBC blogs network as well as a second post on the Editorial Dilemmas and Future of the network. The redesign of the bbc homepage itself is discussed by Richard Titus on the same blog. Martin Belam has also recently been blogging the history of blogging at the BBC with a five part series of posts, starting with this one.]


  1. I have to say the BBC has been really good with blogs compared to other mainstream outfits. They were a little slow to the game, but now they have got their act together. I am a big fan of Peston’s blog, always an enjoyable read. The one disappointment is the comment section. Its not exactly free and fair.

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