Three potentially interesting conferences coming up in the first half of next year, with paper submissions in Dec 07 / Jan 08. I’m likely to be speaking at the event in Skopje.

Futuresonic 2008: The Social – Online, Mobile and Unplugged Social Networking (Part of the Urban Festival of Art, Music & Ideas)
1-4 May 2008 (Submissions by 18 Dec 2007 – please verify via website)
Manchester, UK

(G)local 2.0 – Blogging: Evolution Treated as Revolution
May 8-10, 2008 (Abstracts by 23 Dec 2007 – please verify via website)
New York University Skopje
Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

CATaC08: ICTs Bridging Cultures? Theories, Obstacles, Best Practices
(6th International Conference on Cultural Attitudes towards Technology and Communication)
24-27 June 2008 (Submissions by 14 Jan 2008 – please verify via website)
Universite de Nîmes, France

Cybersoc by Robin Hamman
With over 13 years of professional experience in the digital and social media industry, and a client portfolio that includes some of the World's most recognisable brands and organisations, I've built a reputation internationally as a leading practitioner in the industry.

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About Robin Hamman

I've been helping some of the World's most widely recognised brands and organisations devise and implement strategic digital and social media programmes since 1999.

I'm currently the EMEA Digital Network Lead at Fleishman Hillard. I've previously held a variety of roles including Managing Director of Dachis Group Europe, Director of Digital at Edelman, Head of Social Media at Headshift, Acting Editor of the BBC Blogs and Executive Producer at ITV.

In addition to my day job, I help my wife run an online retail business selling wool blankets - if you're feeling chilly, check out

I hold a BA in Education, MA in Sociology, MPhil in Communication Studies and a PgDip in Law. I've also been a Non-Residential Fellow at Stanford University Law School and a Visiting Fellow of Journalism at City University, London.

Why In 1995, I tried to register, for the purposes of researching "ordinary users", the username Cybersociologist on AOL. They truncated my name and I stuck with it....

Published Under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License