conference announcements: manchester, skopje & nimes

Three potentially interesting conferences coming up in the first half of next year, with paper submissions in Dec 07 / Jan 08. I’m likely to be speaking at the event in Skopje.

Futuresonic 2008: The Social – Online, Mobile and Unplugged Social Networking (Part of the Urban Festival of Art, Music & Ideas)
1-4 May 2008 (Submissions by 18 Dec 2007 – please verify via website)
Manchester, UK

(G)local 2.0 – Blogging: Evolution Treated as Revolution
May 8-10, 2008 (Abstracts by 23 Dec 2007 – please verify via website)
New York University Skopje
Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

CATaC08: ICTs Bridging Cultures? Theories, Obstacles, Best Practices
(6th International Conference on Cultural Attitudes towards Technology and Communication)
24-27 June 2008 (Submissions by 14 Jan 2008 – please verify via website)
Universite de Nîmes, France