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So who really was first with BA crash landing news? | The Wire | Press Gazette “Blogger Steve Yelvington says that he first learned of last Thursday’s remarkable Heathrow crash from Cybersoc, the blog of BBC broadcast journalist and web exec Robin Hamman, which he subscribes to via RSS” – I wasn’t there though! (tags: guardian bbc cybersoc pressgazette) Robert Peston: ‘I’m not going to become smooth and phoney’ – Telegraph talks about Peston’s blog (Hat tip to Aaron for this one) (tags: bbcblogs bbcnews bbc telegraph) Fromdistance Ltd. – Mobile Citizen Reporting Will have to check this one out and get back to you with the link notes (tags: mobile citizenjournalism news2.0) When comment moderation isn’t fast enough A regular user of the BBC Blogs and Community spaces discusses moderation on the blogs and gets a (good) response from Jem Stone, the BBC’s Social Media Portfolio holder. (tags: moderation onlinecommunitymanagement onlinediscussion onlinecommunity bbcblogs bbc) Poynter Online – The Public Bias against the Press “The wrecking balls destroying the credibility of the press cannot be stopped until we focus more attention on the credibility of those who are pulling the levers, including a public that has been conditioned, like rats in a Skinnerian dystopia, to hate u (tags: journalism poynter trust transparency journalisttraining) The Life Cycle of a Blog Post, From Servers to Spiders to Suits — to You Every wondered what goes on when you post to your blog? This interactive guide from Wired shows you. Link thanks to Patholio. (tags: blogging bloggingtechniques wired visualisation journalisttraining) Steve Hermann discusses BBC News use of Photos and Info Scoured from Facebook (etc) “We don’t yet have a definitive policy but my feeling is we need to tread carefully, and where people have posted personal pictures or video in a space which they might reasonably expect to be accessed only by friends and family, I think we need to be min (tags: bbc bbcblogs usergeneratedcontent citizenjournalism citizensnappers news2.0) Press Gazette – Regional newspapers’ fury at BBC local web plan Controller of BBC English Regions Andy Griffee told students at Coventry University that new service would involve text, audio and video news which could be navigated using a map of a specified region. (tags: hyperlocal pressgazette bbc bbcnews newspaperwebsites newspaperbusiness local) Shakeup Media » redesign – How I would have done it… “But I hate when people talk bad about work and don’t offer any concrete suggestions. There is nothing more annoying than a whining good-for-nothing. Well, I am good for something–see below for my take on…” (tags: newspaperwebsites news2.0 design independent) The Oberserver observed – by a focus group of one “I wanted to know how our Sunday paper – The Observer – struck an intelligent 16-year-old. So today I found the required teenager and confined her to the kitchen table with a pen and paper…” (tags: newspapers observer design) Beolit 700 Portable Radio (1972) – a design classic I just bought this classic radio, designed by Jacob Jenson for B&O, on ebay: “Beolit 700 Type 1505 was equipped with FM, LW and MW. The radio was compact and light and offered extremely high quality sound…” Review when it arrives. (tags: sound music radio design ebay) Strengthen the blogging community in your area | editor on the verge “But whether your coverage area has local bloggers or not, I think you have a great opportunity to develop new bloggers, strengthen your existing blogging community and, as a result, build better relationships between your newspaper and the blogosphere.” (tags: bloggingtechniques newspaperwebsites newspaperblogs journalisttraining journalism) the exploding newsroom » Blog Archive » Building relationships with local bloggers Here’s one simple way to start: Make the local blogosphere a beat (tags: Journalism journalisttraining bloggingtechniques newspaperwebsites newspaperblogs news2.0 linking) St. Albans – Google Search My St. Albans blog, which is mostly authored on my cameraphone, now appears above the two local newspapers in a google search for the city. ;-) (tags: bloggingtechniques google...

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spEak You’re bRanes: A collection of ignorance, narcissism, stupidity, hypocrisy and bad grammar “All the comments quoted were found on the BBC “Have Your Say” site. Yes, people really have written them. On purpose as far as I can tell.” (tags: bbc bbcnews onlinediscussion) UK’s bird watching event begins Participants are asked to submit their results online and the results will be published in March 2008. The RSPB will use the information to record patterns in bird numbers and prioritise conservation efforts. (tags: bbcnews crowdsourcing...

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BBC NEWS | Wales | Web worries after suicide spate Social networking websites could be “romanticising” suicide, an MP claims after the deaths of seven young people from her area in the past year. (tags: bbcnews socialnetworking facebook myspace bebo onlinecommunitymanagement)

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Flickr: The Commons – Collaborative tagging of public photos The key goals of this pilot project are to firstly give you a taste of the hidden treasures in the huge Library of Congress collection, and secondly to show how your input of a tag or two can make the collection even richer. (tags: flickr images crowdsourcing tagging)

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BBC NEWS | Magazine | What happened to the Branscombe booty? Containers washed from the stricken vessel delivered BMW motorbikes, pet food, anti-wrinkle cream, empty wine barrels, copies of the Bible in Xhosa – and a horde of scavengers eager for booty. (tags: crime bbcnews devon)