dna 2008: live streaming video coverage from my mobile

I used my camera phone, and a free service called qik, to stream live video of a panel discussion titled "God is a VJ". The panel included:

    •    Pat Loughrey, Director, BBC Nations and Regions
    •    Tone Kunst, Editor-in-Chief, NRK Nordland
    •    Christian Trippe, Brussels Bureau Chief, Deutsche Welle
    •    Michael Rosenblum, President, Rosenblum TV
    •    Prof. Adrian Monck, Head of Journalism, City University (UK)


It’s a bit shaky, and I had to use the lowest quality setting to keep streaming costs down, but it’s still sort of watchable. Or at least listenable. Ok, so I’m no VJ, nor am I God, but at a higher quality, and with the phone steadied properly, the results could be much better.

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