explanatory video about twitter – commoncraft does it again

Lee and Sachi at CommonCraft have probably, through their wonderfully simple video explantations, introduced more people to Social Bookmarking and RSS than anyone.

Now they’ve done their magic with Twitter, a micro-blogging service that allows users to "share short, bite-sized updates" with friends via mobile phone, the web, instant messenger and many widgets and a growing number of third party tools.

When you’re done watching, find me on twitter then head straight back to CommonCraft for their videos on Social Bookmarking and RSS. Essential for anyone who finds themselves trying to explain tools that can be extremely useful but which are, unfortunately, widely dismissed or misunderstood. Great stuff!

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  1. Explaining Twitter (and why you should use it)

    Another of those great Common Craft videos, as spotted by Robin.Sure beats the one-pager on “Explaining Twitter” I was about to write. (You can follow me on Twitter, if you’re so inclined)…

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