uk political bloggers charged over stats porn

Jemima Kiss, a friend of mine over at the Guardian, seems to have kicked off quite a blog storm with an article challenging the visitor statistics disclosed by Guido Fawkes and Iain Dale, two of the UK’s most widely known political bloggers.

In the comments you’ll find Guido, Iain, Tim Ireland, someone from messagelabs and a host of others all taking bites out of each other over something the vast majority of bloggers and web publishers have known for a long time – website visitor statistics aren’t particularly reliable or meaningful.

KingOfMyCastle hits the spot with a comment making this point rather nicely:


[Note: "stats porn", as appears in the title of this post, has nothing at all to do with pornography and is a term used by bloggers to describe the navel gazing that they often do with regards to visitor statistics for their own and other blogs.]

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  1. I think it was actually Tim Ireland who started this, with some cracking detective work. Jemima purely rounded it all up (which, in fairness, she says in her piece).

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