my skopje interviews on bbc 5 live’s pods and blogs

The (G)Local 2.0 Conference, which I recently attended at New York University, Skopje, Macedonia brought together academics, bloggers and members of the mainstream media from across former Yugoslavia and from further afield.

It was a fascinating conference for me because, rather than the same people giving the same presentations as I’d heard at the last conference, glocal was full of new voices, new perspectives and new ideas.

On my last day at the conference, I was able to take some time to interview some of the other speakers at the conference, including:

• Darko Buldioski from the New Media Centre in Skopje and one of the organisers of the conference. He blogs at

Dragan Varagic, one of the leading bloggers in Serbia – he’s a consultant and university professor

• Zoran Ricliev, Online Editor of Utrinski Vesnik, a leading newspaper in Macedonia

Vedran Obucina, a Political Scientist at the University of Zagreb, Croatia, and an expert on Political Blogs

The interviews were aired last night towards the end of BBC Radio 5 Live’s Pods and Blogs. Do have a listen, it’s interesting stuff.