presentation for embracing new media conference (amsterdam)

At this very moment (I’ve set this up to auto-publish), I should be stepping up on the stage at the Below you’ll find the presentation I just gave at the Embracing New Media conference in Amsterdam.

Forty-two slides in around half an hour. Why do I do this to myself?! Some of the audience twittered their comments.

The main points of my presentation – my recipe for blogging and social media goodness for corporates – are:

  • Get to know participatory norms of different spaces – technique over tools
  • Learn how to find and track the conversation
  • Empower staff with clear guidelines
  • Understand that social media and blogging make it possible to communicate in many voices and in many spaces… and that’s a good thing
  • Weave social media into your processes or you’ll just create another burden on staff

PS. Many thanks to Drew Benvie who responded to my last minute call, on twitter, for examples of staff personal blog links. They’re not in this set of slides but were essential background research. Much appreciated.


  1. Hi Robin. Thanks for mentioning me. Was glad to have been some help!

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