first day at headshift

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My first day at Headshift kicked off with the weekly planning meeting. Now I’m setting up my new Macbook Air and, shortly, will be finding out more about my new role here… I feel a bit like a kid, excited to start at a new school!

links for 2008-06-27

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Penny Edwards’ write up of her Interesting 2008 experience I happily gave my ticket to Penny when I discovered I couldn’t go – and I’m not at all disappointed in her post about the day – “Stories were told, not so much for meaning, as for possibility, and providing new perspectives…” (tags: headshift collaboration conference) Straight To The Point: location location location + journalism James has a new blog about everything related to local online. (tags: local hyperlocal maps bbc...

links for 2008-06-26

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Plan to protect children online unveiled | Media | A UK council for child internet safety will be set up as a forum where government departments, stakeholders and industry come together. (tags: children onlinecommunity government law guardian) BBC plans £68m network of local video news websites | Media | Each BBC Local website is planning to offer video, focused mainly on news and sport, as well as weather updates, user-generated content and “knowledge-building” content. The sites will be “produced locally, in and for each of the 60 areas”. (tags: local bbc guardian) Sneak Preview of BBC iPlayer 2.0 For those of you outside the UK, these screenshots will be tantalising glimpses of a whole world of streamed BBC that you can’t see… (tags: bbc video television radio) QR Code – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia It’s a sort of computer generated image that contains information such as a link to a website. Very cool if you’ve got the right phone… (tags: technology Wikipedia...

safe-t-weet ™ mobile twitter client: never collide again

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I’ve noticed a dramatic increase in the number of near-misses I’ve had with lampposts, traffic lights, signs and other street furniture since I started using twitter on my mobile. Now the team here at cybersoc labs* has come up with a solution: safe-T-weet. Safe-T-weet does all the things you’d expect from a twitter client – you can see your messages, send replies and direct message friends. But what makes it special, and potentially life saving, is that it also accesses your mobile’s forward facing camera and let’s you see, on-screen, the view ahead of you whilst walking. It’s like a heads up display for twitter addicts. And safe-T-weet’s functionality doesn’t end there. By continually making fine adjustments to your cameraphone’s auto-focus, safe-T-weet can actually measure the distance between you and any obstacle. Get too close and a warning appears inline, as a tweet, stopping you before a collision can occur. Safe-T-weet also integrates fully with TwitPic, grabbing an image of the street ahead at user defined intervals and sharing it via twitter. Cybersoc labs* is now working to extend the functionality of safe-T-weet with additional features, including: * smile recognition which can help you recognise friends without the need to stop tweeting* potentially dangerous individual (PDI) alert to keep your phone out of the hands of muggers and you away from threatening individuals* integration with zonetag to allow street view images to be uploaded and mapped effortlessly in the background as you tweet* full plurk, friendfeed and jaiku integration so you don’t have to have a Lisa Nova moment when twitter is down Safe-T-weet is currently in invite only pre-Alpha testing. [* Cybersoc labs, the developer of safe-T-weet, is a fictional entity which, like the application itself, is a figment of my overactive...

my slideshow from the press gazette media law conference

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I’ve uploaded my brief, scene setting presentation from the Press Gazette’s Media Law Conference held today in London: | View | Upload your...