video: behind the scenes at a leading moderation provider

This morning I had the pleasure of interviewing Dominic Sparkes*, Managing Director of Tempero, one of the leading online content and community moderation providers. Other UK based moderation providers include ChatModerators and eModeration Ltd.

In the video, Dom provides insight into a rarely seen side of community moderation – what sorts of issues potential clients are worried about when they approach Tempero, the training provided to moderators, and things that site owners can do to make the lives of moderators easier:

*Disclaimer: Dom and Jasmine Malik, the co-founders of Tempero, were colleagues of mine at Granada (now ITV). I consider them, as well as several of their employees, to be friends. I’ve also had a professional relationship with Tempero as well as ChatModerators and am friends with several people at eModeration Ltd. It’s a small world…

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  1. Good interview Robin. I’ve just started working with the Tempero guys and we previously used them for a couple of Shiny Red projects.
    It’s hard to get brands to feel comfortable in the community space but adding external moderation contributes to everyone’s peace of mind and, as an agency, was a lot more effective than resourcing in-house.

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