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Video websites ‘must vet content’ government to set up an industry body to polise social media sites… Madness. (tags: bbcnews government socialnetworking onlinecommunitymanagement law internetlaw children usergeneratedcontent video YouTube) Guardian advice column discusses the grey area of cyber cheating (tags: sex guardian onlinediscussion) Watchdog clears Google’s street cameras (tags: maps google privacy technology) The edge of madness the guardian’s Ed Vulliamy explains why he’s feelings about Karadzic run deep and personal. (tags: Bosnia guardian greatjournalism war law Serbia...

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Media face web censorship at Beijing Olympics (tags: guardian china freespeech law censorship journalism)

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BBC experiments with giving event participants nokia n95’s to film and upload video as they take part. (tags: bbc mobile mobilevideo nokia) Newsnight editor Peter Barron leaving the BBC to join Google | Media | It was obviously that blogging workshop we had that inspired his move from media to google… (tags: bbc google guardian newsbusiness) Derek Powazek – 10 Ways Newspapers Can Improve Comments Well worth a read and full of good tips including: Require registration, enforce rules, employ a community manager, link stories to comments, and more… (tags: onlinecommunitymanagement onlinediscussion onlinecommunity newspaperwebsites...

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Regret the Error » Paper misspells its name on front page New Hampshire and Vermont’s* Valley News could be a favorite for 2008’s Typo of the Year, thanks to it misspelling its own name on the front page on July 21 (tags: newspapers weird funny) Beth’s Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media: WeAreMedia Module 4: The Best Examples of Nonprofits Telling Their Stories With Social Media Returning to see what this part is about “like CogDog Blog used fifty different tools or had fifty different people tell your organization’s story…” (tags: tools howto socialnetworking blogging nonprofit storytelling) 13 Apps to Turn Your iPhone into a Blogging Machine What it says on the tin… (tags: iphone mobile gps blogging bloggingtechniques socialnetworking...

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BBC – Music – Shoot The Summer “‘Shoot The Summer’ is a film about festivals shot entirely on mobile phones… by our DJs and our artists at festivals this summer. You can get in on the action by sending us your mobile clips. “ (tags: mobile video bbc usergeneratedcontent)