jestem dziennikarz, autor internetowego bloga

Last week as I was stopped on Oxford Street by a crew from TVP1 (Poland) and asked to give a vox pop (comment) on the attire of British politicians.

Gordon Brown, I told them, tends to look quite stuffy and grey – in line with the perception most people have of him. Cameron, I had to admit, is the better dressed of the two but David Milliband, who I explained had recently been in the press as a possible contender in a future Labour leadership race, is the best dressed of the lot.

After the interview I handed the TVP journalist my moo card in the hopes that he’d send me a link to the video clip. He did, and it turns out that TVP decided that rather than calling me an ordinary man on Oxford Street, which for all intentions and purposes I was that day, it would actually lend weight to the piece if they referred to me as "dziennikarz, autor internetowego bloga":


Download (14mb)


  1. It’s one of the most common mistakes made by Polish journalists – what other blog can one write than internet blog? Anyway, it’s funny they asked you and reffered to your occupation in this article, I saw link on FB and was going to ask you, why on Earth someone mostly into social media is asked for opinion on politicians’ fashion!

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