live blogging a motorbike journey from england to russia

My friend and former work colleague, Matthew Cashmore, who is soon to leave BBC Backstage for his dream job at Lonely Planet in Melbourne, has teamed up with a couple of his mates on a Journey to Russia to raise funds for charity.


They’re documenting their journey with blog posts, maps mashups, a live daily video stream and podcasts. Here’s what it’s all about:

"Journey To Russia is explained simply; 3 Blokes, 3
Bikes, 3 Weeks. The journey starts in September 2008, when Matt, Stace
and Patrick leave London for the far flung cities of St Petersburg and

The journey will cover several thousand miles in a
very short period, crossing the familiar western Europe and venturing
into eastern Europe before entering the former USSR. The chaps will

Holland, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Luxembourg, and France…

Motivation – Matt, Stace and Patrick wanted to do
something to raise the profile of a charity very close to their hearts,
Everyman. Everyman is dedicated to funding research to cross out
prostate and testicular cancer."