on today and world update this morning

I spent most of the morning on BBC radio. It all started yesterday, when I saw a tweet by Rory Cellan-Jones, alerting me to a blog post he was writing in response to a Wired article proclaiming blogging is dead. I wrote a post about the cuffufle in a tea cup myself over on the Headshift blog before seeing Rory’s follow-up tweets, asking if anyone had a view which I did. Next thing I knew, I was being asked to go on Radio 4’s Today programme with Rory and technology journalist Kate Bevan.

We were interviewed by John Humphries who famously refuses to use the computer in the studio at Television Centre… here’s the clip (or Download today_20081023-1023a.mp3
) It also made the BBC homepage.

But that was only the start. Whilst waiting to go on Today, I got a call from the BBC World Service, who also wanted to do an interview about the death of blogging so, as soon as I was done on Today, I headed over to Bush House to be interviewed by Dan Damon on World Update. Apparently it’s broadcast on over 200 FM stations across the USA, as well as key audiences in East Africa and the Middle East – which is a shame because my performance was, at least in my own mind, negatively impacted upon by tiredness, having consumed too much caffeine and a little bit of boredom. The interview ended up being interviewed across three slots in the programme so I’m afraid you’ll have to listen to the financial reports and other bits if you want to listen to it all. I’ve *acquired* two of those bits [Download Robin1.mp3
/ Download Robin2.mp3