2008 Site Stats for Cybersoc

Many thanks to all of you who visited, and particularly to those who commented or quoted and linked, over 2008. I look forward to what the year ahead will bring.

Over the year, there were 78,128 page views from 65,681 unique users. A monthly breakdown can be seen (click to pop-up) below:


Feedburner reporters that, in addition to those who have visited through the website itself, there are currently 1005 people subscribed to the RSS feed.

Numbers are significantly down on last year's figures of around 95,000 page views and 74,000 unique users in 2007. I attribute that to having a new job, new kid, and subsequently less time to blog rather than the credit crunch having affected traffic, but you never know…

Interestingly – to me at least – is that the blog I do for fun, which is all about St. Albans, the small Cathedral City just north of London where I live, got 1200 more page views than this one. The number of unique users and RSS subscriptions is still far lower.

I've also noticed some changes in the services I've been using daily in comparison to previous years. My use of delicious has gone down since the auto-publishing to this blog stopped working a few months ago. I've also cut down on the frequency at which I check my RSS reader. Both, I think, have been surpassed by my increasing use and dependency upon Twitter to help me find new, relavent content. I've also been favouriting a lot of tweets there rather than adding them to delicious, and adding interesting bloggers as friends rather than subscribing to their blogs. Perhaps John Humphries was right and twitter really is killing my blog. I guess what I'm saying is that although I appreciate your visit, I'm posting elsewhere more frequently than here – so do please have a look if you want to keep up with what I'm up to.