twitter: more than just a fount of free drinks

Over the years I reckon I've tried hundreds of social networking sites,
blogging and micro-blogging tools, online participatory spaces, and
content sharing services. In most instances I register, set up a
profile, have a look around, and abandon all in the space of about a

So how do I gauge whether I'm going to stick with a
service or tool for longer? Well, more than a few times I've jokingly
said that I know a social media service is useful as soon as I get a
free coffee or beer out of it. And, actually, that's about right. If I
start using a site or service and can quickly find my friends and
contacts there I tend to stick around because it's my network, not the
tool or service itself, which is useful and valuable to me.

Recently, Twitter has been the service that's got me more free drinks than all the others combined…

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