my mobile journalism presentation

Slideshare doesn’t seem to like the Below you’ll find the presentation on mobile journalism I’ll be delivering to students on the MA Magazine and Newspaper Journalism course at City University, London on Thursday. The presentation looks at:

    •    service providers – why do companies offer services which enable mobile content uploading and social networking?
    •    citizen journalism – what motivates people to “report” what they witness; what sort of content do they create and share?
    •    journalism – how are professional journalists and new organisations using mobiles?
    •    tools – what tools are available for documenting and sharing content online?

And at some point during the lecture I’m hoping to involve some professional mobile journalists – by mobile, of course….

Download Zipped Presentation – Keynote


  1. Hi, this is Ashwan from SlideShare. I’d like to help out with getting your presentation uploaded successfully on SlideShare. Could you let me know what problems you faced?

  2. Any chance you’ll also be broadcasting the lecture with a mobile device and a service like Qik or Bambuser? Sounds like interesting stuff.

  3. Mac fan as I am most people (and web apps) will probably find it hard to read a Keynote slideshow. It might help to export and upload it in PowerPoint format… Looking forward to seeing it!

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