your help needed – mobile blogging uni lecture

This Thursday, and next Tuesday, I’m going to be doing a series of lectures and workshops with my City University MA Journalism students on using mobiles to capture and share content. In preparation, I’m seeking some editorial and technical help from you:

1) I need some interesting examples of mobile phones being used BY mainstream media (eg. Journalists who get paid to report)

2) some links to blog posts by journalists, citizen journalists or bloggers discussing how to use a mobile to create and share stories

3) Some cutting-edge examples of News of other content sites on mobile interfaces

4) the mobile settings – this is my technical question – I need to get my O2 pay and go SIM to work in my unlocked (formerly t-mobile) nokia n95 so that I can use it to demonstrate qik, flixwagon, zonetag, etc

I’ll repost the resulting lecture, workshop agenda and links to student work here so that everyone can gain from helping out. Thanks in advance…

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  1. Not really what you’re asking for, but I thought it was pretty cool that Swedish state television (SVT) had equipped a number of skiers with mobile devices during Vasaloppet, the big cross-country ski race in Sweden, and having them report live from different parts of the track. Those were not professional journalists, but the anchor talking to them from the studio was. Their positions were also pinpointed to a map of the ski track.
    Smålandsposten, a local paper, has broadcast live video from their editorial meetings, addressing viewers directly and asking for comments on their decisions. But I think that was done with a webcam and not a cellphone. Not sure though, as it was through Bambuser.
    Live reports from different events, or simply live broadcasts, via cellphones, has been tried out by for instance Svenska Dagbladet ( Here’s an example from the hearing of prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt:
    Well, that was a few examples from Sweden. I’m sure there are plenty of international ones.

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