links for 2009-04-29

  • The Norwegian union for journalists has banned laptops and mobiles from it's conference, saying they just distract journalists…
  • Finally, an interesting article about twitter… "This has turned big global news events into a new form of shared experience. Traffic on the website jumped during the inauguration as users who were there, or watching it on television, turned to the service to talk about their feelings – a contrast with Google and Facebook, which saw dips in traffic during the event. As last year's siege of Mumbai played out, a flow of eyewitness accounts turned Twitter into both a source of news and a place for people to respond immediately to it."
  • "I think it is potentially the best communication tool there is; the trouble is that most executives are making a complete hash of using it. Either they fill it with mundane personal detail, or they fill it with mundane professional detail – which is possibly worse. The first scores higher on embarrassment; the second on tedium. "
  • "At a forum on blogging [RH note – my panel!], a young woman stood up in front of the powerful Nazarbayeva and condemned a proposed new law which campaigners claim will put serious restrictions on internet journalists and bloggers and potentially allow the authorities to block sites on political grounds. Wearing a home-made T-shirt which read:Shhh! Censorship in the Room”, Yevgenia Plakhina said that six other activists had just been detained while trying to stage a protest against the planned legislation."
  • "What makes Movable Type and Fluid work especially well together is the iMT plugin, which provides a beautifully designed user interface specifically for iPhone users. Coupled with Fluid's ability to let any application it bootstraps to masquerade as an iPhone, Fluid can be used to bring all the benefits of the dramatically simplified iPhone user interface of the iMT plugin right to your desktop"