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12 Rules For Bringing 'Social' To Your Business | (tags: business strategy socialmedia transparency) Seven Ways To Cut Costs with Enterprise 2.0 | "NewsGator's first-hand experience working with Fortune 500 executives on Enterprise 2.0 projects has revealed seven ways, many it says are far from obvious, to more than recoup the cost of a social computing initiative. They include reducing the costs of email storage, content, printing, enterprise software, travel, employee on-boarding and enterprise application integration." (tags: roi enterprise business strategy) Online Community Platform & Services Satisfaction – Online Community Report "We received approximately 208 completed surveys. Participants represent many sectors and markets include: large software companies, large community and social media destination sites, niche community sites, manufacturers, government and.." non-profits. (tags: software web2.0 headshift) 10 Business Twitter Apps for the Enterprise | The Marketing Technology Blog, Indianapolis (tags: twitter marketing publicrelations) 10 Ways to Change the World Through Social Media | MNN – Mother Nature Network "For most of us, social media has changed our lives in some meaningful way. Collectively it is changing the world for good. Given the pace of innovation and adoption, change has become a constant. Every so often we find the need to stop and reflect on its most recent and noteworthy developments, hence the following list." (tags: howto socialmedia charity society) Hubble astronaut sends first ever Twitter message from space to say he is 'enjoying the view' | Mail Online "He plans to continue 'tweeting' under his Twitter name Astro_Mike while the shuttle is in orbit" (tags: twitter astronaut space) Online Community ROI: Models and Reporting – Online Community Report Research based on "approximately 150 completed surveys. Participants included large software companies, large community destination sites, niche community sites, platform providers and interactive marketing and advertising firms…" (tags: roi socialmedia measurement strategy business) KDPaine's SobCon Roi Of Relationships In Social Media An interesting slide deck about ROI measurement and social media… (tags: roi socialmedia measurement strategy business) Do You Know the Value of Your Customers? | Marketing Profs Daily Fix Blog "If we are going to start looking at social media in terms of quantifiable numbers then we need to start understanding how much our customers are worth, and this means looking at more than just how much a customer spends. A customers value is not equal to how much they spend at your store. It's far more. " (tags: roi socialmedia measurement strategy business) What Is Roi For Social Media (tags: roi socialmedia measurement strategy business presentation) Measuring Social Media ROI: Does size matter? | (tags: roi socialmedia measurement strategy business) Twollars: An Innovative Approach to Fundraising on Twitter "There are several other ways to get Twollars: you can, of course, buy them from a charity at the aforementioned rate, and you “can go to one of the sites which rewards its users and visitors by giving away Twollars.” There aren’t many such sites at the moment, but the idea is, again, that a business can buy Twollars from a charity and give them away, in turn increasing awareness about their own brand. " (tags: charity twitter socialmedia business) Strawberry Earth at the Movies | Strawberry Earth Strawberry Earth is organising the very first Dutch Environmental Film Festival (tags: film amsterdam environment) Tweeting Your Way to a Job – The job — which comes with the official title “lifestyle correspondent” — pays $10,000 a month, plus free accommodations at a private home within walking distance of the tasting room. (tags: twitter job wine publicrelations marketing california bloggingfordollars blogging) Tweeting Too Hard self-important tweets get the recognition they deserve… (tags: twitter humour funny...


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