sell subscriptions to your blog to amazon kindle users

Picture 5 This morning I discovered that Amazon's Kindle now offers the ability to subscribe to blogs. If you're a blogger, and want your blog to be available through Amazon, the details of how to sign up are here.

I don't have a Kindle and can't vouch for how it looks, but I've already signed up to sell cybersoc content subscriptions (free 14 day trial, then US $1.99) through the service. I'm interested to see if anyone goes for the subscription and what they think of it.

Blogs through Kindle will be, I suspect, quite a nice way for bloggers with good, regularly published, niche content – such as Shedworking – to earn some revenue from their efforts.

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  1. Hmm, looks like you need a US bank account to receive any payments – no paypal supported at the moment it seems

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