16 Jun 2009

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15 Jun 2009

live from london on Al Jazeera

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I was just live on Al Jazeera, from london, being interviewed about social media and the protests in Iran. I think it went well but you tell me. It was good fun regardless.

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15 Jun 2009

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15 Jun 2009

Normal Service Resumed

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Apologies for the recent deluge of family photos here. As most of you will know, I've got a handful of blogs, one of which is one for family and friends. I had a couple days off last week to spend with my family after my son broke his leg. We took and posted lots of photos. Unfortunately, that same son got hold of my phone that day and, without me realising until today, managed to cross post that same bunch of photos here. Either that or Shozu, which I use to post images to this and several other blogs, went a bit nuts.

Sorry about that to any who noticed and thought it odd, thanks to those who posted kind comments. :-)

10 Jun 2009

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08 Jun 2009

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Most companies still have a mass mentality. The individual knowledge, skill and creativity held by staff is hidden behind processes devised in the image of the assembly line.

Products and services are viewed as a source of profit at the point of sale, not after – so talking to customers who have already spent their money is seen as a cost not a source of value.

This presentation, my Keynote at Unicom explores the ways social media can change all this and provides a 4 step approach to the process of socialising the way your organisation listens, acknowledges, engages and collaborates with consumers, audiences and stakeholders.

03 Jun 2009

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02 Jun 2009

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About Robin Hamman

My website predates Google by three years and I am somewhat nostalgic when I think about the command line entries I had to learn to control my 300 baud modem. For me, the internet, like the peer-to-peer dial-up BBSs that proceeded it, has always been social. We just lost sight of that for a decade or so when most people thought it was all about "internet shopping malls", inexpensive flights and cheap books. In internet years, I've been here a very long time so you'll have to forgive me if I repeat myself from time to time.

With 14 years of professional experience in the digital and social media industry, and a client portfolio that includes some of the World's most recognisable brands and organisations, I've built a reputation internationally as a leading practitioner in the industry.

In January 2014, I joined Fleishman Hillard as Director of Social Business for EMEA. Previously, I've held a variety of roles including Managing Director of Dachis Group Europe, Director of Digital at Edelman, Head of Social Media at Headshift, Acting Editor of the BBC Blogs and Executive Producer at ITV.

I hold a BA in Education, MA in Sociology, MPhil in Communication Studies and a PgDip in Law. I've also been a Non-Residential Fellow at Stanford University Law School and a Visiting Fellow of Journalism at City University, London.

Why cybersoc.com? In 1995, I tried to register, for the purposes of researching "ordinary users", the username Cybersociologist on AOL. They truncated my name and I stuck with it....

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