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Google not liable for defamation in search results, rules high court | Media | The company claimed that Google was liable as a publisher of defamatory comments. Google responded that it has no responsibility for the words and comments. Mr Justice Eady ruled in a judgment in the high court on Friday that Google was a "facilitator" and not a publisher of the content. (tags: libel internetlibel defamation internetlaw onlinecommunitymanagement) Branded social networks offer more than ads | Webware – CNET At their core, branded social networks are a marketing ploy by firms to keep you interested in their products. So, be aware that if you join one you will need to deal with some annoying advertisements. But if you want to join another community of people with similar interests, start with some of these services. (tags: metrotwin headshift socialnetworking socialmedia brand marketing advertising...

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Best Buy unleashes 500-strong Twitter sales force – Brand Republic News – Brand Republic Earlier this month, Best Buy posted a job ad on its website specifying that candidates for a marketing role have a degree and at least 250 Twitter followers. (tags: twitter marketing bestbuy customerservice business strategy microblogging electronics) Google cleared of responsibility for indexing defamatory comments – Telegraph A landmark ruling in the High Court has cleared Google of all responsibility for indexing defamatory comments that appear in blogs, news articles and forums. (tags: libel google search internetlaw internetlibel...

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ReceiptFarm – The UK Expenses Mail-In Service nice idea… (tags: business) BBC Shownar Shownar tracks the online buzz around BBC shows. It's an experimental prototype (tags: antennae socialmedia bbc tv radio) The FASTForward Blog » ROI Found Here: Online Customer Service Communities: Enterprise 2.0 Blog: News, Coverage, and Commentary Natalie and Forrester modeled some ROI estimates on a hypothetical company with 500,000 customers that receives approximately 30,000 calls per month. In the report, she calculates that over a three-year time frame, such a typical company will probably need to invest approximately (tags: roi strategy customerservice publicrelations marketing business) BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Flat blown up in air bed accident The man from the western city of Dusseldorf used car tyre solvent to repair a hole and left it overnight. (tags: wierd accident germany) BBC NEWS | Magazine | Why are there so many flying ants? Once a queen has mated, she will be fertile for the rest of her life, never needing to engage in this ritual again. For the male ants, the picture is less rosy. Having fulfilled their function, they waste away and die. (tags: ants wierd nature) Cherie Blair 'suffering from swine flu' – Times Online Yep, we're all gonna get it… (tags: swineflu blair) Teenage media habits: was the whiz-kid correct? | Technology | A rebuttal, by two teens, of that morgan stanley report written by a teenager re: social media (tags: socialmedia strategy morganstanley guardian teen youth facebook trends twitter) Social Media, Competitive Intelligence, and the Practice of Law « The Social Media Lawyer a must read for those of you interested in the intersection of law and social media, as I am… (tags: law socialmedia internetlaw howto) Chapter 1 Released | Art Of Community Online "In this chapter I lay the foundations of the book, talk through some of the underlying elements around collaboration, belonging, opportunities, the driving forces in community, and set the tone for the rest of the book." (tags: socialmedia onlinecommunity onlinecommunitymanagement discussion...

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You Think 'Free' is About the Price? It's not. It defies logic: after all, if you offer someone a free donut, he/she is going to take it because the price is zero, right? Well, not exactly. In the online world, there’s another equally important currency: availability. It can be defined by the number of steps it takes to do something or download some content. The bigger the number of steps, the bigger the cost of the product/service. (tags: free strategy business)

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Top 10 Social Media Presentations | Digital Buzz Blog according to some site I've never heard of… (tags: socialmedia presentations powerpoint web2.0 strategy) – News – Business News – Tweet dreams of new custom Perhaps the biggest coup for the event organisers is Robin Hamman, the former head of blogging for the BBC, who now runs European social media empire Headshift. (tags: cybersoc headshift interview newcastle) – News – Features – Tweet dreams of new custom "He has spent two decades leading social media projects and was BBC head of blogging. Robin Hamman talks to us about social media sites changing the business world…." (tags: interview cybersoc headshift) Maunsell Towers Sea Forts Some wonderful photos of the remaining Maunsell See Forts off the coast of Kent (tags: kent history ww2 wierd military architecture) Principality of Sealand – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I'd forgotten about this… the Maunsell Fort in the Thames Estuary which claims to be a micro-nation (tags: wierd thames nationality fort military history) Afghanistan releases it's only known pig from quarantine On Saturday, Afghanistan's only known pig was released from quarantine, two months after he was locked away because of swine flu fears… The pig, a curiosity in Muslim Afghanistan where pork and pig products are illegal because they are considered irreligious, was quarantined because visitors to the zoo were worried it could spread the virus to people. (tags: Afghanistan quarantine h1n1 flu) UnLtd 4iP Awards Channel 4's investment fund 4iP and UnLtd, an organisation supporting entrepreneurs with ideas that have a social benefit, have joined forces to create the UnLtd 4iP awards programme, offering a unique package of support to champion fresh digital ideas from individuals across the UK. The awards programme will run across two years with a monthly consideration of applications and is offering people up to £5,000 to get their socially motivated digital media idea off the ground. (tags: channel4 4ip investment technology socialmedia social) L'autre – Mayfair, West End, London – Polish Restaurants – Qype Polish/Mexican restaurant with a French name in Mayfair. Must remember to try this one… (tags: food mayfair polish london restaurant) | publish online and in print is a news community which allows anyone to publish written and visual work online and in print. (tags: citizenjournalism blogging news2.0 newspaperwebsites newspaperbusiness usergeneratedcontent) One and Other Plinth timeline on Flickr – Photo Sharing! (tags: oneandother sky headshift...