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Sony generates over £1m in sales through Twitter | News | New Media Age Sony Vaio’s Twitter account has generated over £1m in sales, the technology giant has revealed. (tags: business statistics marketing advertising roi twitter sony socialmedia strategy) BBC – BBC Internet Blog: Social Media and Accountability "As part of this work, I'm spending a bit of time studying ways in which BBC is fulfilling that stated mission – developing a deeper relationship with licence fee payers and strengthening its public accountability – through its social media activity, and in particular through its blogs. " (tags: bbc bbcblogs accountabiity transparency broadcasting) history of spam visualisation (tags: visualisation newscientist statistics email spam) Free Flight Follow Friday Clever use of Twitter – "Well, from this week and for every Friday until the end of March we’re turning Follow Friday into Free Flight Follow Friday, on behalf of low fares airline bmibaby!" (tags: advertising marketing free airlines twitter) Australia's chief censor redacts official website to downplay his role in censorship Boing Boing It was revealed today a script within the minister's homepage deliberately removes references to internet filtering from the list. In the function that creates the list, or "tag cloud", there is a condition that if the words "ISP filtering" appear they should be skipped and not displayed. (tags: censortship freedomofspeech australia) Is your social media breaking the law? 81% not sure | Tempero (tags: usergeneratedcontent onlinecommunitymanagement onlinediscussion tempero internetlibel internetlaw socialmedia onlinecommunity) BBC signals an end to era of expansion – Times Online The corporation’s web pages are to be halved, backed by a 25 per cent cut in staff numbers. Its £112 million budget will also be cut by 25 per cent. It is also pledging to include more links to newspaper articles to drive traffic to the websites of rival publishers. (tags: bbc business broadcasting television...

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Media monitoring online: The art of monitoring social media Brief case studies, including reviews of leading monitoring solutions (tags: pr publicrelations monitoring socialmedia buzz marketing)

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Moving from Typepad to WordPress: 2009 Guide | Foliovision I'm in the middle of moving a typepad blog to wordpress. Lots of broken images, urls, etc. I wish I'd know about this page before I started… (tags: typepad howto wordpress movabletype blogging bloggingtechniques) The Entertainment Industry Gets Its Own Twitter Dashboard "Social media measurement platform Trendrr has just released a new real-time dashboard — targeted toward TV networks and brands — that tracks online conversations by gender, location, sentiment, influence, reach and volume." (tags: socialmedia monitoring buzz twitter marketing television broadcasting onlinecommunity...

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BatchGeo – Make google maps using many addresses / coordinates (tags: geotagging bloggingtechniques journalisttraining mapping gps googlemaps maps) ROI: How to Measure Return on Investment in Social Media In 2010, Social Media endeavors are still funded as pilot programs to steer the brand towards perceived relevance in the hopes that they demonstrate momentum and as such, rewards materialize. Budgets are for the most part, borrowed from other divisions to fund the teams and programs lead by the internal champions who effectively make the case for experimentation. Where that money goes and from where it’s borrowed varies by department and by company usually tied to where champions reside internally today. (tags: socialmedia measurement statistics business stragegy roi) New translation website will offer new take on news from Arabic world The not-for-profit site is focused on local views of news events, uploaded by users, to provide an alternative perspective on reportage on Arabic news away from traditional western news organisations and agency coverage. (tags: news arabic arabicnews journalism aggregation translation) Ti Point Tork » Blog Archive » Community Management Workshop Some nice notes on community management (tags: onlinecommunitymanagement onlinediscussion onlinecommunity) CHART OF THE DAY: Nobody Wants To Pay For Entertainment Online (tags: business strategy payfor newsbusiness content copyright) BBC – dot.Rory: New tools for new journalists Rory explains some of the social media tools that he uses as a journalist (tags: bbcnews bbc journalism journalisttraining socialmedia) HOW TO: Deal With Negative Feedback in Social Media Good notes on identifying the type of criticism before planning your reaction… (tags: publicrelations pr socialmedia marketing...

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BBC News – WordPress network bug throws millions of blogs offline (tags: wordpress blogging bloggingtechniques)