anyone in sydney?

Over the years my blog, and work in the social media industry, has given me the chance to meet countless interesting people and visit lots of places I'd otherwise not have had the chance to see – Dubai, Kazakhastan, NYC, the Isle of Eigg, Macedonia and all over the UK and Europe.

I can now announce that my next stop (well, after a day at CeBit in Hannover) will be Sydney where I'm giving a few presentations, including one at the Headshift Australia Social Business Summit which takes place on 25 March 2010.

I've got a few other speaking gigs and events lined up for that week, but if you're in Sydney and interested in meeting up, let me know.


  1. I fear my schedule is already pretty full – we’re doing a Government briefing in Canberra on Monday, a workshop in Sydney on Tuesday, a visit to ABC on Wednesday, the Social Business Summit on Thursday and a client lunch on a boat (!!) Friday. Busy busy! But I wish I *could* make it to Melbourne – I’ve heard good things and your obviously good people. ;-)

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