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Yep, our roaming is expensive, but hey… Nice transparency from a mobile operator discussing data roaming. Nicely done me thinks. (tags: transparency mobile vodafone australia)

real men don’t blog

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real men don’t blogOriginally uploaded by robinhamman I spotted this in a window in Darlinghurst, Sydney…uploaded with a cc license on flickr should you wish to reuse.

Slides: Social Business Design in Action from #sbs2010 Sydney

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I'm in Sydney for the Social Business Summit organised by Headshift Australasia. Following an insightful introduction to Social Business by Jeff Dachis, I brought things back to earth with a set of case studies demonstrating some of the opportunities we see for businesses that embrace social business. Here are my slides: Social Business in Action: Social Business Summit Sydney View more presentations from Robin Hamman. For those of you who prefer me with my journalism hat on, I gave a totally different presentation at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) yesterday morning. Earlier in the week I also stopped by the Interactive Games and Entertainment Association (iGEA) and popped over to Canberra to help run a "Online Engagement Masterclass" for the public sector. Tomorrow I'm stopping by the Sydney office of a UK based Headshift client and after that I intend to sleep – it's been an exciting, but totally exhausting...

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Nielsen: 9 Million Australians Use Social Networks (tags: australia statistics socialmedia nielsen trends) New media fail to click on the reliability scale Australians trust the ABC more than its commercial rivals, while supposed ''old'' media such as newspapers, television, and radio fare much better than the internet, a survey of attitudes to media has found. (tags: Australia abc trust media...

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Man accused of using LinkedIn to steal clients • The Register Guy works for recruitment firm. Adds leads to his linked in. Goes off to open his own agency. Who owns his linked in data? His old employer says they do… (tags: internetlaw privacy linkedin strategy business recruitment) City of London looks for a Social Media Manager (tags: job onlinecommunitymanagement london) UK dotcommers: Where are they now? Rory takes a look at where the dotcom millionaires are now, 10 years after the bubble burst (tags: business dotcomboom dotcomcrash) Paula Berg: 4 Tips for Measuring Social Media: It's Not All About The Numbers Insight into how Southwest Airlines is using social media… good case study. (tags: roi marketing advertising southwestairlines airlines twitter facebook onlinecommunitymanagement engagement customerservice) Poynter Online – E-Media Tidbits Danish Magazine Publishes Collaboratively Using Google Wave (tags: google googlewave journalism journalisttraining magazines...