Slides: Social Business Design in Action from #sbs2010 Sydney

I'm in Sydney for the Social Business Summit organised by Headshift Australasia. Following an insightful introduction to Social Business by Jeff Dachis, I brought things back to earth with a set of case studies demonstrating some of the opportunities we see for businesses that embrace social business. Here are my slides:

For those of you who prefer me with my journalism hat on, I gave a totally different presentation at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) yesterday morning.

Earlier in the week I also stopped by the Interactive Games and Entertainment Association (iGEA) and popped over to Canberra to help run a "Online Engagement Masterclass" for the public sector. Tomorrow I'm stopping by the Sydney office of a UK based Headshift client and after that I intend to sleep – it's been an exciting, but totally exhausting week!


  1. Totally enjoyed your presentation! You were amazing for someone with little or no sleep! Thanks again!

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