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Trouble waking up in the morning? There's an app for that – Digital Life I'm quoted… (tags: cybersoc sleep tracking data visualisation facebook vancouversun) 50 Awesome Online Lectures for Social Media Masters | (tags: presentation socialmedia)

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Forbes Offers Media Bloggers Chance to Work For Free – Forbes – Gawker (tags: free forbes business journalisttraining journalism entrepreneuraljournalism) Mail Online: 'Why we're staying free' | Media | (tags: entrepreneuraljournalism journalism dailymail newspaperbusiness newspaperwebsites journalisttraining) Introducing Peer Influence… Continue Reading

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Making money from journalism: new media business models (A model for the 21st century newsroom pt5) | Online Journalism Blog (tags: monetisation entrepreneuraljournalism paulbradshaw journalism news2.0 newsbusiness journalisttraining) Getting serious about hyperlocal, part 3: Money, money, money! – Philip John… Continue Reading