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Target your local media with the help of social networking sites | Social Media Today Target your local media with the help of social networking sites – Yacine Baroudi ✔ (FasTake) (tags: fromtwitter Poynter Online – E-Media Tidbits Good tips for news orgs on how to best use Facebook: ABC News increased referral traffic 190% – Carrie Brown-Smith (Brizzyc) (tags: fromtwitter Yfrog Image : – Uploaded by Cybersoc Fire in Soho (tags: fromtwitter) Yfrog Image : – Uploaded by Cybersoc Fire in Soho… Above Zizzi in Catherine Street: (tags:

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FIJI Water Urban Hunt: Chicago social media scavenger hunt groovy! RT @aboutfoursquare: FIJI Water Urban Hunt: A social media scavenger hunt through Chicago – Andrea Harrison (190east) (tags: fromtwitter Rt @dominiccampbell: Awesome! Peruvian Version of FixMyStreet for Public Transport #gov20 /via @degocasaes – Nick Booth (podnosh) (tags: gov20 fromtwitter Slashdot Ask Slashdot Story | What To Do About CC License Violations? Picture now removed: RT @dweinberger: @Slashdot: What non-commercial means in CC. @BoingBoing is possible offender. – jonfildes (jonfildes) (tags: fromtwitter Fire Your Marketing Manager and Hire A Community Manager – David Armano – The Conversation – Harvard Business Review 15 comments in a couple of hours on my Community Management writeup will be engaging when I can carve time – David Armano (armano) (tags: fromtwitter...

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Amazon Now Taps Into Facebook For Social Product Recommendations Amazon Now Taps Into Facebook For Social Product Recommendations thx 2 @SocialGuide – Robin Good (RobinGood) (tags: fromtwitter A War Logs interactive – with a crowdsourcing bonus | Online Journalism Blog A War Logs interactive – with a crowdsourcing bonus #warlogs – Paul Bradshaw (paulbradshaw) (tags: warlogs fromtwitter GE : ecomagination A cool "ideas" led innovation project being run by GE (tags: GE business strategy ideas socialmedia innovation socialbusinessdesign crowdsourcing energy...

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The hot 100: The top viewed vizes of Q1 and Q2 | Tableau Public Three of my stories are in @tableau's Top 100 data visualisations of the year – Robert Andrews (RobertAndrews) (tags: fromtwitter SlideShare Announces Pfizer is First Company in Regulated Industry to Launch Social Media Channel on its Platform | Business Wire Taking lead in SM again RT @mcbennett6 @pfizer_news: SlideShare says Pfizer 1st co in reg industry 2 launch SM channel – Len Starnes (lenstarnes) (tags: phizer healthcare health socialmedia pharmaceuticals slideshare) 'Majority of UK web users won't pay for online content' – Telegraph Majority of UK web users won't pay for online content says KPMG survey – Neville Hobson (jangles) (tags: fromtwitter Facebook’s tips for journalists and publishers | Online Journalism Blog New blog post: Facebook’s tips for journalists and publishers – Paul Bradshaw (paulbradshaw) (tags: fromtwitter Now You Can Bump iPhones to Connect on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Now You Can Bump iPhones To Connect On Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – Robin Good (RobinGood) (tags: fromtwitter Careers | Edelman Digital For US people RT: @mstmoore @EdelmanDigital Want to work for Edelman Digital? We have 20 open positions across the US – (tags: fromtwitter) Google launches Apps for Government, announces federal security certification | ZDNet Google now FISMA-certified: #gov20 RT @ldignan: @Google launches Apps for Government – Alex Howard (digiphile) (tags: gov20 fromtwitter Official Google Blog: Introducing Google Apps for Government Google now FISMA-certified: #gov20 RT @ldignan: @Google launches Apps for Government – Alex Howard (digiphile) (tags: gov20 fromtwitter Fair Use Legalized, Says EFF More on the HUGE changes to US copyright law broadening Fair Use incl. use in documentaries, etc. vpisteve – Richard Hartley (richardhartley) (tags: fromtwitter Noticing the notice – meish dot org: life, unfolding How do you concentrate in an office full of interruptions? Cracking blogpost from @megpickard – Sharon O'Dea (sharonodea) (tags: fromtwitter Our number of “Friends” seems to be growing « The Observing Participant Nice Summary of a presentation by a member of the Google UX team – "He highlights that the patterns we are seeing on the social web are simply people trying to recreate social behaviors we have offline, which can be more or less true to the fact, depending on how the social network is designed." (tags: google userexperience design socialnetworking socialmedia presentation) My Kids Aren’t the Only Ones Who Finger Paint | Edelman Digital RT @ConsumingPR @EdelmanDigital Using mobile phone to create digital art for Ben & Jerry's (client) and SPIN magazine – (tags: fromtwitter) BBC News – A new journalism on the horizon (Andrew Marr) Paid for content, probably on mobile devices, aggregators doing the work of generalists and a bloom in the number of specialist niche publications… all part of the future of a new, and better, journalism according to the BBC's Andrew Marr (tags: bbcnews mobile aggregation journalism journalismtechniques media news2.0 newspaperbusiness) Why Wikileaks, and the newspapers, were right to publish | Media | "Assange believes that "journalism should be more like science." He told The Guardian's Stephen Moss: "As far as possible, facts should be verifiable. If journalists want long-term credibility for their profession, they have to go in that direction. Have more respect for readers." (tags: greenslade wikileaks datajournalism journalism data...

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EPICWIN Level-up your life as you get things done… iphone app that is sort of a foursquare for productivity (tags: iphone foursquare) missy m | photoblog Turns out my mate is rather a good photographer… (tags: photography) Can Twitter save the BBC? | Media | (tags: bbc twitter #proudofthebbc campaigning activism publicrelations) Has the government's crowdslicing exercise been given the chop? | Politics | (tags: government publicrelations publicsector crowdsourcing government2.0 engagement politics) Times libel ruling shows Reynolds privilege is of little practical use | Siobhain Butterworth | Law | (tags: reynolds libel times law defamation) bbc6music’s Music Profile – Users at Rt @darrenwaters Fancy an almost infinite playlist of great music? Listen to BBC6Music's library – Jemima Kiss (jemimakiss) (tags: