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Yfrog Photo : – Shared by Cybersoc Boarded for AMS. Arrival to be followed by a 2 hour train journey to Raalte, NL. Anyone been? (tags: fromtwitter)

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Jobs at Wired (Wired UK) RT @iRowan @londonjourno: Great job available as WIRED's Test editor. Free test lab included…. (tags: fromtwitter)

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Flickr: Instax Windows I love these… (tags: photography flickr) Data journalism needs to be more than external data sets | Korr Values Brilliant discussion on capturing the data produced *within* newsrooms, not outside. via@Asher_Wolf – Mirko Lorenz (mirkolorenz) (tags: fromtwitter Your Personal Emails to RSS Bridge RSS: Convert Selected Inbound Emails to an RSS Feed – free – – Robin Good (RobinGood) (tags: fromtwitter...

social media map of europe

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Some of my colleagues here at Edelman Digital London recently put together this updated map comparing social media services and uses across Europe. In comparison to previous versions, this shows the increasing dominance of Facebook in most, but not all, European markets, as well as the continued existence of some large, home grown platforms in many EU nations. It also demonstrates that, for a variety of reasons including demographics, cultural, and language differences, people in each country undertake different activities:   Social Media Mapping in Europe View more presentations from Edelman...

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Journalists of the future need data skills, says Berners-Lee | Technology | "Journalists need to be data-savvy. These are the people whose jobs are to interpret what government is doing to the people. So it used to be that you would get stories by chatting to people in bars, and it still might be that you'll do it that way some times. But now it's also going to be about poring over data and equipping yourself with the tools to analyse it and picking out what's interesting. And keeping it in perspective, helping people out by really seeing where it all fits together, and what's going on in the country." (tags: journalism journalisttraining datajournalism timbernerslee guardian data opendata visualisation) Ten reasons why senior managers don't write blogs – Management Matters Blog post: Ten reasons why senior executives don't write blogs – (based on research by @maurosegura) – Angelica Mari (angelicamari) (tags: fromtwitter Beyond Communications My #ebe10 slides – re: how the Comms industry uses social media to drive business transformation – (tags: ebe10 fromtwitter) Publishing needs a social strategy – O'Reilly Radar Publishing needs a social strategy #yam – Adam Tinworth (adders) (tags: yam fromtwitter Flickr: robinhamman's stuff tagged with demo2010 My photos from scene of #demo2010 in Whitehall earlier today: (tags: demo2010