links for 2010-11-26

Flickr: Instax Windows I love these… (tags: photography flickr) Data journalism needs to be more than external data sets | Korr Values Brilliant discussion on capturing the data produced *within* newsrooms, not outside. via@Asher_Wolf – Mirko Lorenz (mirkolorenz)… Continue Reading

links for 2010-11-24

Yfrog Photo : – Shared by Cybersoc Police gearing up: (tags: fromtwitter) Yfrog Photo : – Shared by Cybersoc Horse mounted police protect the Parliament: (tags: fromtwitter) Yfrog Photo : – Shared by… Continue Reading

links for 2010-11-22

18 Tasks You Can Crowdsource: Business Collaboration News « 18 Tasks You Can Crowdsource via @webworkerdaily – Blaise Grimes-Viort (blaisegv) (tags: fromtwitter A bit spooky! RT @ATSV: War time pictures of Amsterdam superimposed over modern photography http://bit A… Continue Reading

links for 2010-11-18

Yfrog Photo : – Shared by Cybersoc Setting off towards SVQ (tags: fromtwitter) foursquare :: Gatwick – South Terminal :: Crawley, West Sussex Setting off to Seville… (@ Gatwick – South Terminal) (tags: fromtwitter)