links for 2011-02-28

Seek a Tweet RT @scotiasystems: @jangles Update on #Vodafone UK Network Outage : Trend Map : <- thanks! – Neville Hobson (jangles) (tags: fromtwitter Vodafone) Update on Vodafone UK Network Outage « Scotia Systems Blog RT @scotiasystems:… Continue Reading

links for 2011-02-14

Unblocking Syria's social media – Opinion – Al Jazeera English (tags: bloggingrestrictions freespeech syria al-jazeera socialmedia censorship politics activism) Mr. Data Converter A free, online tool that helps make data visualisations (tags: data datajournalism tool content)

links for 2011-02-13

BBC News – Victims of web dating scams lose thousands of pounds @bbctech: VIDEO: Online dating scams cost thousands – jonfildes (jonfildes) (tags: fromtwitter