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St. Albans Blog » Inn on the Park (Verulamium Park, St. Albans) Inn on the Park (Verulamium Park, St. Albans): Serving a variety of lunch food, ice cream and drinks, the Inn on… (tags: fromtwitter)

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BBC | BBC College of Journalism Blog – News is more than just eyewitness and a mobile pic An first hand account of a first hand account by a journalist used to being at the receiving end of such things… (tags: usergeneratedcontent bbc bbcnews journalism mobile citizenjournalism) “Apply with LinkedIn” to Attract More Active and Passive Talent « Recruiting with LinkedIn Blog Apply with LinkedIn – useful feature for job applicants and companies recruiting staff .. – Tia Fisher (eModeration) (tags: fromtwitter Storyful vs Storify – Editors Weblog Storyful vs Storify – Editors Weblog < brief comparison of two social media journalism tools – Mr Anderson (kevglobal) (tags: fromtwitter Facebook Could Eventually Replace Call Centers For Nissan Nissan is considering using Facebook to replace Call Centers ..and hence not owning any of their own info? – Michelle Chmielewski (MiChmski) (tags: fromtwitter How tech companies are interconnected The interconnected world of the tech industry. Fascinating graphic showing who works with, and belongs to, who: – NESTA, UK (nesta_uk) (tags: fromtwitter Newsbeat debuts as robust, real-time Web analytics tool for news publishers | Poynter. News Analytics: Newsbeat debuts as robust, real-time Web analytics tool for news publishers | Poynter – Robin Good (RobinGood) (tags: fromtwitter...

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Why Aid Agencies Fail to Stop Famine « WanderLust Aid agencies, the media – we're all getting it wrong. Meaty post, this: Why Aid Agencies Fail to Stop Famine – Markham (markhamnolan) (tags: fromtwitter Communicate Magazine Infographic of factoids from the journalism and social media whitepaper I wrote for @dwpub, by @Communicatemag: – Martin Stabe (martinstabe) (tags: fromtwitter Model: The Interlocking Spheres of Social Business | Edelman Digital RT @EdelmanDigital: Model: The Interlocking Spheres of Social Business – (tags:

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ComScore – The Power of Like Published ComScore – The Power of Like on Scribd #readcast – Julio Romo (twofourseven) (tags: readcast fromtwitter Answering the question: “How can I support the Guardian?” Answering the question: “How can I support the Guardian?” < from last night if you missed it – Martin Belam (currybet) (tags: fromtwitter GUEST BLOG: How to use games to keep customers hooked | Smarta RT @GlobalDawnLive: Our very own Andy Hewitt (@LumpyPorridge) talks #Gaming on @SmartaHQ, (tags: Gaming fromtwitter) Current vacancies | Edelman UK We also have two junior project manager roles (Freelance) #edelmandigital London (tags: fromtwitter edelmandigital) Current vacancies | Edelman UK We're advertising a particularly exciting & varied London based role for an online engagement expert: #edelmandigital (tags: fromtwitter edelmandigital) And so corporations begin to open data… | Open Knowledge Foundation Blog Since you're up early… Be first to read about Nike opening data & find out which famous coder they've hired to help – Francis Irving (frabcus) (tags: fromtwitter comScore Social Essentials™ Enables Brands to Quantify Social Media Impressions and Incorporate into Marketing Mix Measurement – comScore, Inc comScore Social Essentials "help brands evaluate their audiences across social media channels" Starts with Facebook. – Neville Hobson (jangles) (tags: fromtwitter...

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Beverly Macy: Social Media Is Morphing Into Social Business The world's leading companies are realizing that a solid grasp of social technologies and social platforms, along with the concepts of authenticity, transparency, and trust will become critical to building global brands, transforming product development, enabling real-time customer service, and fostering social collaboration with customers and key stakeholders. (tags: socialbusiness huffingtonpost strategy) Job Change Notifier Get an alert when your linked in contacts change roles… (tags: employment recruitment tools linkedin) Sports Teams Should Make the Leap from Social Media to Social Business | Edelman Digital And it’s not just a story in traditional media. Everyone who works for a sports team, from the owners to ticket sales reps, is on the hot seat with friends, family, corporate partners, customers and prospects. It’s nearly impossible to work for a sports team and not get asked daily about what’s going on with the team – and that’s where social media comes in. (tags: sports socialbusiness edelman edelmandigital) Friday Five: Social Media Lessons from Startups | Edelman Digital (tags: startups start-ups socialmedia edelman edelmandigital) How the BBC lost 60,000 Twitter followers to ITV | The Wall Blog (tags: bbc socialmedia twitter itv ownership avatar journalism...