what we do at edelman digital

My small children know I go to the office and that sometimes I go to other people's offices, but when faced with the question the other day "Daddy, what are you at work? What do you actually do?" the only reasonable response I could come up with was that "I make the internet work better". Needless to say, this opened a can of worms – with them vocally  demanding more Angry Birds, Doc McStuffins and Spiderman videos. Kids.

But it's a good point. I often struggle to explain, in a sentence or two, what the team here at Edelman Digital does. Thankfully, my Chicago based colleague, David Armano, shared a slide with me earlier this week that provides a bit of insight into the types of activities we undertake on behalf our clients. Now if I could just figure out how to get this down into a short soundbite…