back to the future – I’m returning to the Dachis Group

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In about a month’s time, I’ll be re-joining the Dachis Group London as General Manager.

Three years ago, in a goodbye that anyone who was there will confirm was a tearful one, I departed the Dachis Group to join Edelman Digital. In my time in the digital PR world I’ve learned a lot, done my best to avoid adopting a whole new vocabulary and checked-in at more airports than I could ever possibly recall. Oh, and there was that incident where an octopus got loose on the table of a restaurant in Seoul…

The Dachis Group, too, has continued to evolve by fine-tuning their offering, investing heavily in the development of an amazing suite of proprietary social media analysis and measurement software, and recruiting some of the industry’s best talent – all of which has helped the Dachis Group grow an enviable client base.

Whilst we went our separate ways for a while, we’ve arrived in the same place today – firm in our belief that a data-driven model offers digital and social media marketers the best possible opportunity to contribute, measurably, towards meeting strategic business outcomes.

I’ll be starting my new role in about one month’s time – and am greatly looking forward to working with a fantastic team within a dynamic, and growing, business.

[Announcement of my appointment here]