Introducing Drone Fly Weekend – Short Breaks for Drone Enthusiasts


I’ve always been passionate about flight, travel and photography.

Needless to say, when I first got my hands on a quad-copter camera drone, it was as if most of my life’s passions were being brought together.

I’ve visited and worked in over 50 countries now and, in recent years, my drone has always gone with me. Along the way I’ve met many talented and fascinated people, and explored some amazing places on my feet and from the air.

This was my inspiration for starting Drone Fly Weekend. It’s a simple idea: I team up with established local drone pilots in iconic flying destinations to create curated, hosted short-breaks for drone enthusiasts. Call them drone holidays if you must, but they’re really a lot more than that.

The drone provides a focus, a common point of reference, an excuse to get out and do something new – but at the end of the day, it’s just a machine. So whilst technology is part of the story, Drone Fly Weekend is really just another excuse to get out there and meet amazing people, connect with their culture, and explore their history and geography – from their air, on foot, and through conversations.