Corporate Social Media Strategy for a Chemical Manufacturer


When I first started working with AkzoNobel, one of the World’s leading chemical manufacturers, it was clear that the business had established it’s corporate social media presence organically over time rather than in alignment with any central strategy or objective in mind.

AkzoNobel’s Global Communications Team had already reached this conclusion themselves, but needed a fresh, external perspective to address the challenge.

After around two dozen informal interviews with stakeholders across the business, strategy workshops with key individuals, an extensive competitive analysis, and review of website and social analytics, the answer became crystal clear: the existing approach, whilst put in place with the best will and intentions in the world, fell short of generating awareness, consideration or conversion amongst prospective B2B customers, partners and recruits.

The new strategy addressed this by shifting the content approach away from competitions to content architects, building engineers and chemists might find compelling: cut-aways of amazing feats of engineering made possible through AkzoNobel’s chemicals and coatings, statistics on the CO2 benefits of coating ships and aircraft with special paint to reduce drag, the interesting scientific research that goes into creating new products, etc.

Once in place, the new strategy allowed AkzoNobel to more effectively reach and engage the B2B audience which, despite their consumer brands such as Dulux being a recognised brand in many households, generates >70% of annual revenues for the brand.

I’ve now continued to work with AkzoNobel across a number of initiatives and whilst employed at several agencies, and look forward to continueing the strong relationship I have with the brand.