Multi-Market Social Media Strategy for Adobe


In 2012-13, whilst at a leading global agency, I led a project to develop and implement a new, more results focused, social media strategy for leading consumer and enterprise software brand, Adobe.

The work started with an analysis of existing social media channels across the EMEA region. They were benchmarked based on frequency of posts, number of fans or followers, average engagement per post and other factors. We also identified, where possible, the owners of each social channel and spoke to them about their objectives.What we discovered is commonplace, particularly for the regional operations of US headquartered brands: a sprawl of social channels that, although established with the best will and intentions, were failing to live up to their potential.

We developed criteria for the opening of new channels, and developed a plan for the consolidation of many existing channels around user communities. The result? Fewer, better channels that enabled Adobe to more effectively focus scarce resource where measurable progress towards brand and marketing objectives could be made.